Monday, March 19, 2012

Training for my 1st Half Marathon

Its going be my first ever half marathon. Its been a year now having running as a way to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

Been going through a lot of reading on the web and resources from peers about training for my first half marathon. Its going to be quite tough to achieve, but it is just another milestone to achieve.

So, what does it take to be prepared for your first long distance running, may it be a 5-km run, or a half-marathon or even doing a full 42-km marathon?

As for myself, the benchmark is to complete a 1/2 marathon; a full 21.1 kilometre distance within the time limit of 3.0 hours. Is this achievable?

As a start, I went on to the Nike+ site, being having the Nike+ App on my mobile device. There's this "Train Like a Pro" application that allows us to select the appropriate training programme that you are training for. In my case, its to be prepared for a half marathon in 13 weeks.

Phew? 13 weeks? Man, that's a leap to get into the groove of running. Why am I running by the way? To me, running is still the best way to keep fit and living a healthy lifestyle yet maintaining a low maintenance and investment. The one and only investment is to get yourself a pair of proper and suitable running shoes. The right pair of shoes is crucial as it can hurt you and thus demotivate you from running once you are injured due to mismatch and shoes that do not fit.

The Nike+ site dashboard is quite useful to help you figure out the right training for your first long distance run. Its not only running consistently and frequently, but it also advices you to train you muscles which includes a little strength training as well as mixing up your running style; 5 x 2 minutes tempo effort with 1-3 minutes intervals; if I know whatever that means? But basically, its just increasing your running effort after a 1-2 miles easy run.

Another good site that helps you DIY your training is to head on to the Adidas MiCoach Programme. That is also another site that helps beginners set their goals, and to customise a proper training in order for you to be prepared for your run.

The main thing about your training is: "Discipline". It is most needed. Try and alternate your runs and trainings by getting a running partner. Your running partner can be a "mood" booster at times, and it keeps running fun. Rotate your training times. Some in the morning, and some in the late afternoon. This helps me getting it going. Your style, you've got to determine it.

Running for fitness and exercise is a great way to keep yourself fit. So I will always remind myself to keep it simple and it has got to remain fun. I find ways to keep my runs fun by exploring new routes when running outdoors, running with friends, set new targets and beat them, mixing up the tunes and finding new songs that keeps me in the mood and many more.

My mission, to complete a half marathon this year. Why enter a half-marathon event? Is it for gold? My answer is NO. Its not for the gold, although I would wish to get it. The reason for me entering such events is to be able to gauge my ability to achieve my distance against time.

Having said all that, I hope that the training is going to be well paid-off! If it does not, well, its not going to stop me from running. Running is fun! And most importantly, it is a way of keeping a healthy lifestyle.


Teh Tarik Drinker said...

train hard and you'll get there mate. this year is going to be my first half and full marathon so im doing the same!

Kahl Hakim said...

hey there bro! thanks for the motivation! good luck to you too bro!