Saturday, January 14, 2012

First run for the year 2012

Its 0500hrs and time to get up and get ready for my first run for the year; the Multi-Purpose Insurans Run 2012; which was held at Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur. The distance, 12-kilometre run covering hilly circuit of Bukit Tunku.

The laziness to get up early this time is really bugging my head. Should I get up and go ahead with the run? Or should I just get back to the early Sunday morning breeze, under the blanket, sleeping through the morning.

Well, what the heck, I've signed up this and come this far, and its not a good start to break the chain of attendance. Get ready and gear up, Multi- Purpose Insurans Run 2012, here I come!

Drove all the way to Padang Merbok situated in Kuala Lumpur. Parked the car nearby the starting point (directly opposite BNM), and walked over to the Grid. It was packed with many unrecognised faces at the starting point. I did saw one or two familiar faces, but didn't had the chance to say hi.

Out of the blue, a group of "fancy" dressed runners was running to the starting line. Spider-man, hula dancer, cowboy, and there's this guy who's also dressed in the traditional "Sarong" with a white plain t-shirt but with proper running shoes.

I tried to make way to the front to get a head start, but, to no avail, it was just packed with runners. All getting ready for gun time. I just had to settle in the last pack of runners.

At the click of the gun, the runners dashed out to the start of the 12-kilometre run out from Padang Merbok to the hilly circuit of Bukit Tunku. I was still stunned with the turn up, and didn't even noticed the gunfire.

By the time passed the starting line, marking my start with the non-stop beeping sounds from the D-Tag Sensor plates, I started the run. Running uphill passing by Lanai KIjang. Then out left head straight for Bukit Tunku. At the third kilometre mark, I can see this Spidey fella is running ahead of me. It looked entertaining. Man, he was fit. He is still running, and ahead of me!

The first water station at the 3-kilometre mark was just packed with runners. Well, did not stop or reached out for water, as it was still early for a quench for thirst. The complete circuit had 3 water stations; 3rd, 6th and 9th kilometre markers.

I continued running the circuit, and its already pass 40-minutes in when I just passed the 5-kilometre mark. Damn. My legs are already hurting, and I have another 7-kilometres to endure to the finish line. Well, take it slowly, and I should be able to finish this without stopping. Taking every leap at my own pace.

I just had to get a taste of that 100 Plus thirst quencher at the 9th kilometre mark (I said to myself). Upon reaching it, while still running, though it was a slow pace, this soft voice over my shoulder said, "You can do it bro. See you at the finish line. Here's a cuppa 100 Plus for you."

I didn't notice I had passed the water station. Must be really tired and concentrating on the run. 9+ kilometres, and I have not stopped! That's a good sign. Thank God, this good old chap, handed me the cup and it was just enough to get that dry throat some fluids to cool it off. He was quite an old chap. Thanks to him, I was still running and managed to get a quench for thirst. Didn't get his name, didn't see his bib number. White haired guy, in the mid-50's and still running. His pace was getting faster!

I needed that boost. The run for the final 2.5-kilometres, just pacing up gradually to the finish line. By then, I think I was already doing about 8.5kph (if its on the treadmill). It should be fine. Upon reaching the last 500-metres, the crowd started cheering. The marching band playing an upbeat music. The emcee was announcing arrivals at the finish line. I was motivated to up the pace. Its just a few leaps away, a few turns and into the final stretch.

Can I make it with a finisher's medal? Alhamdulillah, I crossed the finish line at 1:28:32.5 (gun time) as published in the website. It was a good finish. I am happy with the results. Just continued the walk down after the finish line, started collecting stuff; goodie bag; and most importantly, when this marshal puts the medal around my neck! Oh, what a great feeling.

It was a good run. It was satisfying. All the effort and training is getting me there. It was a good feeling to know that I was able to finish the run without even stopping to cool off those aching calves and hamstrings. Another finisher's medal in the bag. Next runs, hopefully my dear friend who dragged me into this, will not miss a race together. Till the next race. Ciao!

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