Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Botanical Garden X-Country

Its 0645hrs on a Sunday morning at the Botanical Gardens, Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur, and the weather is cool and breezy, perfect for snoozing off and curling up at home under the warmth of a cosy blanket.

My first ever Cross Country distance running since school days. A mixture of road and terrain circuit covering a total distance of 8-kilometres (as stated in the registration form).

Registrations were still open till about 0750hrs on raceday, and people were flocking to register to the event. As a result, the initial start at 0730hrs was delayed by another 30-minutes. My running buddy arrived with his wife and kid. They were a great team.

All the participants were very excited and anxious at the starting line. Most of the runners were well ready mentally and physically. But somehow or rather, they were shocked when the organiser announced that the circuit is quite slippery and to be extra careful when running the trail course.

Most of the runners were with proper running shoes. As for me, I was really contemplating whether or not to consider wearing my usual running shoes, or to opt for my x-trail running shoes by Solomon.

It is a cross country, so, I should consider running with a pair of shoes that can suit both conditions; road and terrain.

The initial trail started just after I had clocked 2-kilometres on the GPS by Nike+, running uphill towards the National Planetarium. The challenge uphill was pure energy and strength. Not much of balance required, but minimal grip was definitely required as the hill was steep and quite slippery.

It shows that the right pair of shoes is an important role. Runners with not so proper shoes were struggling to endure the course. Slippery and sometimes losing their balance uphill and mostly downhill.

The real challenge throughout the course was the trail between the 6th kilometre mark till about the 8th kilometre. It started just off Persiaran Salahuddin into the jungle and hilly area running uphill and downhill towards the National Monument and ASEAN Sculpture Garden.

This is where runners were put to the test. The trail was definitely slippery and the downhill was really steep. It was really a great choice to put on those X-Trail Solomon Running shoes. This was the part where my pace was pretty fast, even faster than my road running.

I was confident running in the trail without worrying slipping due to lack of grip. The shoes was a right fit for the circuit. Although, it would have been better if I were on running shoes when on road surface.

My body was still aching from the sporting event the previous day, but the determination to push further brought me to the finishing line. I never thought that I could have endured it. Mental fitness played a role definitely! A total distance of 10.67 kilometres as clocked by my wonderful running companion Nike+ GPS on iOS with a total time of 1 hour 31 minutes and 31 seconds at an average pace of 8 minutes 34 seconds per kilometre. And it was my personal best 10-kilometre with a time of 1 hour 15 minutes and 52 seconds.

Route info, check it out at Nike+.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Heat is On

The Malaysian GP kicks off with the practice sessions at the Sepang International Circuit on Friday as McLaren's Lewis Hamilton tops the timing sheets in both the sessions ending the day with the fastest lap of 1 minute 38.127 seconds in the second practice session, off by just 0.151s slower than his lap time in the first session.

7 time World Formula One Champion, Michael Schumacher emerged second fastest at the end of Practice 2, with a time of 1 minute 38.533 seconds with Jenson Button trailing behind closing the gap of 0.363 seconds from the leader; completing the top three on the time sheets.

Kimi Raikkonen making a come back to the Formula One Championship managed to get a good timing in the first practice session for the day, clocking it in at 1 minute 39.128 seconds, hence was off to a slower close to Practice 2 when he only managed to cling onto 15nth placing coming in slower at 1 minute 39.696 seconds.

The Red Bull Racing-Renault team did not perform well at the end of the day, managing with 7th and 10th placing by Webber and Vettel respectively. Fernando Alonso, of team Ferrari on the other hand, found the edge of a good setting to the car, managed to finish 6th fastest at the end of Practice 2.

Daniel Ricciardo from team STR-Ferrari is looking to repeat his good streak after a good race finishing 9th overall at the recent Australian Grand Prix, by improving his time in Practice 2 at Sepang International Circuit, finishing 5th fastest with a time of 1 minute 38.853 seconds, just 0.681 seconds off from the leader.

Practice 3 will start tomorrow, 24th March 2012 at 1300hrs Malaysian Local Time before the racers go head on for the Qualifying Sessions at 1600hrs Malaysian Local Time.

Can Red Bull Racing turn up the heat for McLaren? Sunday's race is expected to flag-off at 1600hrs Malaysian Local Time. The race will run over a gruelling 56-laps of the 5.543-kilometre Sepang International Circuit with an expected rainy weather conditions of a high 32 degrees Celsius.

For those who are still wanting to get their hands on those tickets to the hottest race happening this weekend, you can head on to the Dengkil R&R E6 highway (southbound) between 0900-1800hrs. For more info, log on to

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Born On The 'Ring

The Nurburgring-Nordschleife, nicknamed "the Green Hell" by most racing drivers, is notorious for being motoring's most feared and revered track. This motorsports complex is situated around the village of Nurburg, Germany.

The 'Ring is the most ultimate acid test of a car's overall balance and handling prowess as it stretches over a distance of 20.81-kilometres covering 154 turns with a combination of Asphalt and Concrete surfaces. The latest track layout can be found here.

Legendary begins with M. BMW Motorsport was formed in 1972 with a handful of passionate engineers to race and build a perfect car. The letter 'M', comes from the short for Maestro, which means "master" in Italian. Legends like the 3.0 CSL, M1 and the E30 M3 are amongst the winning heritage of BMW Motorsport.

BMW Motorsport continues its success as the new BMW M3 DTM is being evolved and developed. Built on aggression with a purpose, the new DTM is being developed starting with the road-going BMW M3. Its aerodynamically-tuned bodywork harness every last ounce of downforce available, with a wider track and wheel arches to enhance grip and stability through corners.

The new BMW M3 DTM is built with a strong heart. With its 4.0-litres of naturally-aspirated pure BMW M power, BMW Motorsport has further enhanced and revised the original road-going M3 powerplant to consistently handle and endure the punishment synonymous with racing. The refined heart of the BMW M3 DTM produces in excess of 480-HP.

With the new development of the DTM, BMW Motorsport heralds a new era returning to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) after an absence of 18-years. The latest race-bred addition to the BMW Motorsport is finely crafted to dominate the gruelling conditions of the pinnacle of German touring car racing.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Merentas Desa Taman Botanical Tasik Perdana 2012

For those interested in gaining your distance, building up your stamina, keeping a healthy lifestyle or even for the fun of it with your friends and family, there's this next running event, Merentas Desa, what we used to call it during our school days, running a mixture of terrain and road.

There's a few distance categories to be enrolled in; 8-km, 6-km and 2.3-km. Details of the run:

Where: Start/Finish next to Boat House, Taman Tasik Perdana
Date: Sunday, 25 March 2012
Flag-off Time: 0800hrs
Closing Date: Saturday 24 March 2012

Registration? Get the downloadable PDF from here

Monday, March 19, 2012

Training for my 1st Half Marathon

Its going be my first ever half marathon. Its been a year now having running as a way to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

Been going through a lot of reading on the web and resources from peers about training for my first half marathon. Its going to be quite tough to achieve, but it is just another milestone to achieve.

So, what does it take to be prepared for your first long distance running, may it be a 5-km run, or a half-marathon or even doing a full 42-km marathon?

As for myself, the benchmark is to complete a 1/2 marathon; a full 21.1 kilometre distance within the time limit of 3.0 hours. Is this achievable?

As a start, I went on to the Nike+ site, being having the Nike+ App on my mobile device. There's this "Train Like a Pro" application that allows us to select the appropriate training programme that you are training for. In my case, its to be prepared for a half marathon in 13 weeks.

Phew? 13 weeks? Man, that's a leap to get into the groove of running. Why am I running by the way? To me, running is still the best way to keep fit and living a healthy lifestyle yet maintaining a low maintenance and investment. The one and only investment is to get yourself a pair of proper and suitable running shoes. The right pair of shoes is crucial as it can hurt you and thus demotivate you from running once you are injured due to mismatch and shoes that do not fit.

The Nike+ site dashboard is quite useful to help you figure out the right training for your first long distance run. Its not only running consistently and frequently, but it also advices you to train you muscles which includes a little strength training as well as mixing up your running style; 5 x 2 minutes tempo effort with 1-3 minutes intervals; if I know whatever that means? But basically, its just increasing your running effort after a 1-2 miles easy run.

Another good site that helps you DIY your training is to head on to the Adidas MiCoach Programme. That is also another site that helps beginners set their goals, and to customise a proper training in order for you to be prepared for your run.

The main thing about your training is: "Discipline". It is most needed. Try and alternate your runs and trainings by getting a running partner. Your running partner can be a "mood" booster at times, and it keeps running fun. Rotate your training times. Some in the morning, and some in the late afternoon. This helps me getting it going. Your style, you've got to determine it.

Running for fitness and exercise is a great way to keep yourself fit. So I will always remind myself to keep it simple and it has got to remain fun. I find ways to keep my runs fun by exploring new routes when running outdoors, running with friends, set new targets and beat them, mixing up the tunes and finding new songs that keeps me in the mood and many more.

My mission, to complete a half marathon this year. Why enter a half-marathon event? Is it for gold? My answer is NO. Its not for the gold, although I would wish to get it. The reason for me entering such events is to be able to gauge my ability to achieve my distance against time.

Having said all that, I hope that the training is going to be well paid-off! If it does not, well, its not going to stop me from running. Running is fun! And most importantly, it is a way of keeping a healthy lifestyle.