Thursday, March 22, 2012

Born On The 'Ring

The Nurburgring-Nordschleife, nicknamed "the Green Hell" by most racing drivers, is notorious for being motoring's most feared and revered track. This motorsports complex is situated around the village of Nurburg, Germany.

The 'Ring is the most ultimate acid test of a car's overall balance and handling prowess as it stretches over a distance of 20.81-kilometres covering 154 turns with a combination of Asphalt and Concrete surfaces. The latest track layout can be found here.

Legendary begins with M. BMW Motorsport was formed in 1972 with a handful of passionate engineers to race and build a perfect car. The letter 'M', comes from the short for Maestro, which means "master" in Italian. Legends like the 3.0 CSL, M1 and the E30 M3 are amongst the winning heritage of BMW Motorsport.

BMW Motorsport continues its success as the new BMW M3 DTM is being evolved and developed. Built on aggression with a purpose, the new DTM is being developed starting with the road-going BMW M3. Its aerodynamically-tuned bodywork harness every last ounce of downforce available, with a wider track and wheel arches to enhance grip and stability through corners.

The new BMW M3 DTM is built with a strong heart. With its 4.0-litres of naturally-aspirated pure BMW M power, BMW Motorsport has further enhanced and revised the original road-going M3 powerplant to consistently handle and endure the punishment synonymous with racing. The refined heart of the BMW M3 DTM produces in excess of 480-HP.

With the new development of the DTM, BMW Motorsport heralds a new era returning to the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) after an absence of 18-years. The latest race-bred addition to the BMW Motorsport is finely crafted to dominate the gruelling conditions of the pinnacle of German touring car racing.

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