Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post Processing

Taking pictures may be fun. To some, its a job that needs to be done and delivered. But, how much time is actually spent during photographing and post processing? How fast can you post process the photos and deliver to your client? Most clients want their photos up and ready as soon as after the photo session is done. Some photographers require such a short time post processing photos, and some, may take their own sweet time post processing those photos.

In this digital age, delivering photos has never been much easier than those negative photography days. Back then, pictures are post processed in a dark room. I never had a chance to go through that when I first started photography. It was dSLR for me when I first started. dSLR? Digital Single-lens Reflex Camera.

Combining the use of digital imaging softwares like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, ACDSee, Aperture 2, iPhoto etc, with those fancy digital imaging devices helped professional photographers to improve their speed in delivering photos to their clientele. Photos can be batched processed in one single click, and
voila! These days, photos can be delivered within hours after the photo session. The digital era has definitely speed up things in life.

To some of us photographers, conventional film photography is still used in some occasions. Just to get the feel of how hard it was to shoot using negative film. To us, it was, one shot, one kill. Unlike using digital cameras, continuous burst is now commonly used. Don't like the picture? Just hit the delete button. In fact, money can buy memory. These days, memory cards are getting cheaper by the dozen, and the more memory it is, the cheaper it is. Nowadays, 8GB SDHC cards, can store about 1.5k+ shots in large 10.2 Mega Pixels jpeg compression photos format. And with the available 16GB & 32GB cards, go figure!

Well, that's all for now. Gotta get back to work. Some photos to "Batch Process" and layout on the canvas for printing. Talk about taking our own sweet time post processing.


Ariff Hamidon said...

wow im impress! cun cun Kahlil Abd Hakim! ni macam nak bagitau kat aku je ni...nanti aku senang aku belilah M A C tuh!! aperture 10 heheh :P

oneeyed said...

cun cun.. bleh buat class tambahan ni.. kalo arip terasa.. aku pun terasa gak ni.. aku terlibat.. hehe..

fabulous said...

dah bersawang nie...hmm where is your update mistah?