Tuesday, July 7, 2009

full blown wedding job

hey there readers... last week, was the most gruelling weekend i've ever had! it was my first time taking pictures of a full blown wedding event entrusted by my very own friends, faizal & iezma. thanks y'all!

anyway, it was a great experience. it started early last sunday the 5th of July. had to wake up early and get ready for somewhat a long journey to the event location. woke my lovely wife up, got my son up as well... and we were off to kajang. Got there just in time for the nikah ceremony that morning. The bride & groom were both also slightly delayed due to some unforseen circumstances.

The event started at 0900hrs and ended for me at 1600hrs. it was a very long day. took shots of the event mounting the d80 with the nikkor 17-35 legendary lens, while the 70-200mm on the d2X, courtesy of jerry's, a fellow photographer. some 500+ shots were taken. it was my first time using a pro camera, the d2X. superb! awesome! un-buh-leave-able! the colours look more natural. and when mounted with the 60mm macro lens, astonishing!

well... gotta finish editing some pictures of the event and get it prepped for publishing on photobook. hopefully, the newly weds will love the photobook that i'm about to produce. get back to you soon!

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ariff hamidon said...

haha d2x rock eh bro..op koz i would love to see some of the pics produced by that camera! ngeh3x