Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Confident at Sachsenring for Zulfahmi

Zulfahmi performed beyond expectations at the Round 6 of the World MotoGP in the 125cc category race held at Catalunya, claiming his first championship point there.

Zulfahmi Khairuddin of Malaysia's AirAsia Sepang International Circuit Racing Team has been advised to maintain his great performance, maintaining his focus without putting unnecessary pressure on himself.

Razlan Razali, SIC Chief Executive Officer, said that the Malaysian youngster should approach the upcoming German Grand Prix held at Sachsenring this weekend maintaining focus and his impressive form as he has done for the previous five rounds.

Zulfahmi will constantly be pressured by the local media and the stakeholders, though, the team has always reminded him to enjoy and relax during every race weekend, it will be difficult for him.

"But having said that, Fahmi is doing well mentally and physically, as we have seen often enough that during practice and qualifying, he crashes a fair bit; but picked himself up, focused and performed well", he added.

Razlan, who first saw Zulfahmi in action during the selection for the 2009 Malaysian GP Wildcard Programme, has only praised for the young Malaysian; saying that he has admired his dedication and commitment to constantly improve himself.

Though his participation in the World MotoGP was still recent, Razlan has expressed that the young Malaysian had provided strong impact to the Malaysian Motorsports.

AirAsia-SIC Team technical director, Alessandro Tognelli said that the point earned by the young rider in Catalunya arrived earlier than they had predicted. He added that there is absolutely no pressure on Fahmi to repeat the similar result in Germany, as his target is to continue learning the tracks, bike and racing strategies.

"I'm confident because Sachsenring is in a way less demanding than Catalunya. Having said that, you never know because every circuit presents a new adventure for Zulfahmi to tackle, but he's doing well.", he added.

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