Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lover's Bridge @ Sunset

Lover's bridge, Tanjung Sepat, Selangor. It was a fine morning that day. Did not do much in the morning, just hang around at home while playing with my baby Luqman and chit chatting with my lovely wife, just to kill time before the main agenda for the day. After Friday prayers, we packed our stuff, for the night at my parent's. Then, got my camera gear ready for the evening to come at a place named, Lover's Bridge located off the shores of the fishermen's village at Tanjong Sepat, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia. Just after Asar prayers, we started the 45 minute drive to Tanjong Sepat. There were friends already making their way there. It's our first time though.

As we arrived, there were already many people gathered there. The famous "Ocen Seafood Restaurant" was already packed. Yup, its "OCEN" and not "OCEAN". Thought it was a typo error in the "Going Places" magazine until we actually got there to see the signage for ourselves. "Sorry ah, no booking. Kena rebut itu table ah!", says the shop owner.

Well, Faizal and me were more excited to head down the jetty which was approximately 300m long, i guess. Hah! The main reason is to capture the scenery which was said to be wonderful. The sun is already starting to set down. As we get towards the end of the jetty, there were fishing boats, belonging to the locals here which were anchored to the jetty. Guess, h
ere's where it gets very busy in the morning as the fishermen come back from their catch for the day. The sun was already setting down, but we were not able to capture the full sun yolk. It's rather a little cloudy today. Not our luck. Though, the scenery is really beautiful. It feels really good to have a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, the busy traffic and the pollution in the city, is terrible. Back here on the jetty, we were able to release our tension of the everyday busy life in the city. What a relief! It'll be great if we could do this once every weekend. Sounds like a great idea.

Now, lets head back to the restaurant. It's getting dark already. The
 restaurant is already less packed. There's seats available. As we seat ourselves, we ordered all of the recommended dishes as that was highlighted in the magazine, our so called, "Guide Book". Unfortunately, all the crabs were already sold off. "Hari ini cuti la. 80 kilo suda habis woo!", said the shop owner. Luckily, the famous Oyster Omelette was available. My dearest wife was craving for it ever since Luqman was still in her womb. It took them 1 hour to prepare the dishes, and all of us were already hungry, including myself. Sorry, did not take any pictures of the dishes, as we were busy eating and filling up our tummy, including myself too! All in all, the food was somewhat just tasteful. But, it really did not flatter my taste buds. The restaurant was overrated. The only dish that was really good was the steamed teow chew red snapper. The fish was really fresh. Yum! The rest, is history.

We sat down for quite a while before making ourselves back to our busy city life. Had a few laugh here and there, and we started parting away. Next stop, Cheng Ho Chinese Islamic Seafood Restaurant, located in Wangsa Maju. Till then!

How to get there? The coordinates to the place. The coordinates are N2.657716, E101.556716 if you own a GPS Navigator. Else, here's some tips on getting you there.

1. If you're coming from Subang / Shah Alam / Klang, make headway for the Kesas Highway and take the Banting exit. Drive through Telok Panglima Garang, Jenjarom and Banting town. Take the left turning which leads to Morib/Bagan Lalang. Just follow the road and signage "Morib". As you reach morib town, just continue your journey along the sea side towards Bagan Lalang / Sungai Pelek. Tanjong Sepat is about 12km drive from Morib. Turn right at the Tanjong Sepat Police Station. There's a small "COSWAY" signage there. Drive all the way to the end of the road coming to a t-junction. Make a left turn and drive approximately 400m. You'll come to Jalan Laut on your right. Turn in right. Just continue till the end of the road. You'll see a RHB Bank on your left. The jetty is just ahead about 100m away.

2. If your're coming from Kajang / KL / Cheras, I would suggest taking the KLIA route. Make headway for Sepang International Circuit. Just at the traffic lights before Sepang International Circuit, turn in left which leads to Bandar Enstek / Port Dickson / Sungai Pelek. Drive straight passing the circuit on your right till you come to a cross-junction. Turn right making headway for Port Dickson / Sepang / Sungai Pelek. Drive approximately 10km till you come to a t-junction. Turn right. Follow the road which leads to Bagan Lalang. You will pass Sungai Pelek. Drive pass Bagan Lalang till you reach Tanjong Sepat, which is about 7km away from Bagan Lalang. Drive till you see the Tanjong Sepat Police Station on your left. Turn in left just beside the police station. Drive all the way to the end of the road coming to a t-junction. Make a left turn and drive approximately 400m. You'll come to Jalan Laut on your right. Turn in right. Just continue till the end of the road. You'll see a RHB Bank on your left. The jetty is just ahead about 100m away.


miSs inTerpReted said...

ooo...i heard cheng ho's got great food. read about it at some foodies blog.

neway..jeles la korang pi tjg sepat...

kem salam to nana...

Vanilla Latte said...

thx for the info kahl.

sabb, my experience with Cheng Ho is not so fantastic la. food turned out too bland and service slow gile!!!!