Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Friend's Wedding Ceremony

It's saturday, and the agenda which has been in my list for quite some time is to chauffeur and capture some moments for my two best friends somewhere in KL. It already noon now, so gotta get going. The car's clean, polished and waxed. Camera gear ready, batteries charged, lenses cleaned, flashgun ready. And i'm off to Kerinchi.

Waiting... waiting... downstairs.... and here comes the bride and groom....

and we're off to the wedding hall, where the ceremony will be held at. "Klapak.... klapak... klepung... klepung..." sounds from the kompang as we arrive at the wedding hall. Friends and family members, all already seated in the hall. As the bride and groom make way down the hall way for the bersanding ceremony, everyone turns their attention to the bride and groom, hands waving at them, congratulating them on their big day. Smiles, laughter and tears of happiness. The bridal couple sits on the dais as they wait for family members and relatives who will sprinkle scented leaves and scented water on them, also known as tepung tawar. Kisses and hugs. Congratulating the bride and groom.

Seems that we're getting a little hungry. Make our way to the feast table for makan beradab, where we will eat and drink with the rombongan, consisting of family members, relatives and close friends.

Chit chat. Eat. Drink. Smiles. Laughter. After a short lunch, the bride and groom thanks the guests by visiting them from table to table, thanking them for their attendance. Some picture moments with the guests. As we come to the end of the ceremony, we head back to the bersanding area, where the bridal couple sits down again, as guests, family and relatives, queue to take photos with the bride and groom on the bersanding area. These photos will be printed and cherished in their wedding album.

Some hours has passed, and now, its close to 1540hrs. The bride and groom asks the photographer to capture some moments outside from the hall, making it look more spontaneous. "Click... Click... Click...". "Look here", says the photographer. "Act as though you're talking to each other...."

"Alright. That's a wrap!", says the bridal couple. "Thank you for coming bro!", says the groom. Well, its been a long day. The photographer and I make way to the Surau to do our Dzuhur prayers, late, very late. But still in time. As we leave the hall area, the lovely bridal couple waves goodbye and as a token of appreciation, we were given bunga telur, and off we head back home.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank to the bride and groom for the opportunity given to me to capture some pictures, and drive you to the ceremony. Thank you for choosing me, of all the other more qualified people out there. Finally, Selamat Pengantin Baru, Moga Panjang Umur, Dimurahkan Rezeki.



Amalina Jaaffar said...

nicela ur photos...
like number 1 best...tq 4 da comment also....
nk jadi follower blog nie tp tk nmpk mane butangnya...hehehhe

aripudin said...

haha..nice set here too time kalau pegi yang ni pun ajaklah saya ye..takyah bayar pun takpe.. :P